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Bartools Product Reviews

TwelveTwentyFour Cocktail Bar Bag, Review (1224 Bag)

There are cocktail bags and then there are cocktail bags and TwelveTwentyFour brings a bag built for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This bag is fairly huge, 15”L X 13.5”H X 11.5”W, which means you've got a beast of a bag but that bag holds everything you'll need for your on-the-go cocktail parties and tending bar at the most remote location. This bar bag is designed for heavy duty bar work from its water repellent Cordura...

The Re-jigger, Soon Launching

Everyone knows I love a good kickstarter program and the ReJigger was a product I personally invested in because I wanted to see it hit the market. Well, lo-and-behond the ReJigger investment was successful and will be coming to market very soon. You'll find AwesomeDrinks one of the first to carry the ReJigger product line. What is a ReJigger? For those that love craft cocktails but are timid to create their own or invest...

Cthulhu Tiki Mugs, Almost In Stock, 20% Discount NOW.

The day is almost here, by this Wednesday we will no doubt have our Cthulhu Tiki Mugs in stock and ready to sell. Do you want to save 20% off the great Cthulhu? Time is running short, but there are no shipments coming in due to Labor Day so you've got a couple days extra to squeak in your order with our running discount. Of course, you can wait and get...

Tasting Spirits, What Glasses to Use?

Are you looking to better evaluate and taste your spirits when building cocktails. Our goal was to help educate folks on the best glassware to select for cocktail tastings. While shot glasses, martini glasses and even a pint glass are great vessels for transporting cocktails or making a very simple cocktail design, sometimes you need a more focused glass to get the job done. For us, we suggest the Brandy Snifter with...

New Boston Shakers In Stock, Great Selection

We have seen great success with our polished Boston Shaker and it's time to offer more selection. After over 8 strong reviews for the shaker we've decided to go with some great Vinyl Boston Shaker designs along with a growing Neon selection starting with the Neon Orange Boston Shaker--this sucker is bright! Of course, on top of the neon we have a few other options including green, pink, orange and white Boston Shakers with...

The Boston Shaker, Cobbler Shaker and Understanding Cocktail Shakers

  For some reason or another The Boston Shaker seems to be a mystical device that scares many cocktail enthusiasts because it doesn't look "easy" to work. However, a Boston Shaker is not a complicated device, although you will need to get yourself a nice cocktail strainer to work with it. You build your cocktail in a 16-oz pint glass (included with our Boston Shakers), most often with ice, put the tin on...

The E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger, Our New Favorite Jigger

For a few weeks I've been using the E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger on Common Man Cocktails and I've found the jigger does all I need to become my go-to jigger. What do I need it to do? Given I've got to build cocktails with varying ingredients with varying ingredient capacities and ratios, I need to measure a number of common capacities but I don't want to clutter my table with too many messy...

Zevro Gravity Release Jigger Review

So you want to know a bit about the Zevro Gravity Release Jigger eh? Okay, let's see if we can break it down by a few key points. There are a few things I look for when selecting bartools for my home, cocktail show and to stock in our store:    Functionality: It must serve a purpose and not try to create a new purpose. Quality: It needs to work as designed...

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