Zevro Gravity Release Jigger Review

Posted April 06 2013
Zevro Gravity Release JiggerSo you want to know a bit about the Zevro Gravity Release Jigger eh? Okay, let's see if we can break it down by a few key points. There are a few things I look for when selecting bartools for my home, cocktail show and to stock in our store:   
  1. Functionality: It must serve a purpose and not try to create a new purpose.
  2. Quality: It needs to work as designed through more than one use.
  3. Style: It should fit into my bartools accessories without being cumbersome.
  4. Cool Factor: I like to think, "oh, that's pretty cool."
Now that we got the priorities out of the way, let's break down a little bit on the Zevro Gravity Release Jigger and see how it fits into our guidelines and why I thought it was a great product for AwesomeDrinks

The Zevro Gravity Release Jigger is an alternative to your standard jigger set with a two-fold purpose: less mess with the ability to layer cocktails. The "gravity release" feature allows you to measure your liquid amount (in both ml and oz) by utilizing gravity to drain the cup instead of tipping with potential for spilling. 
As a secondary, an attachment comes complete with the set to allow for layering. The layer feature functions by allowing the liquid to fall with gravity, land on a straight pole and then disperse across a fat bottomed half-bulb tip to release the liquid across the suface of a glass or another liquid. 
Functionally, the product does as it is intended and allows for up to 3 oz. measures (or 100ml). The downside on functionality? You must get used to the fact that the Zevro Gravity Release Jigger measures its 3-ounces with "dots" instead of lines. This can be a bit troublesome as you ask yourself, "do I measure the liquid at the top of the circle, bottom of the circle or right in the middle?" After doing some measure tests, I've found that the bottom of the dot represents the correct measure (keep that in mind when measuring). 

Product quality is the second most important because I want them to last awhile (plus, we sell them and I don't want to sell junk.) The quality of the Zevro Gravity Release Jigger has been strong and sustaining over the last few weeks. I've run it through the dishwasher at least four times (not sure if that's even legit, but I've not figured that out yet) and it still works and has all the print in place and no cracks in the plastic even through the heat cycles. (Note: After talking with Zevro, they suggest hand-washing and not using in the dishwasher.)
Yes, the jigger is plastic and I'm okay with plastic if I know it's going to hold up to use while keeping the overall cost down (yeah, it's cheaper than the XO Good Grips Mini Stainless Steel Angled measuring cup so that's saying something). The buttons work and all the pieces screw on tight when needed--it comes with a small "foot" to hold the jigger in while you pour (since it is smaller on the bottom than the top for the "gravity release" portion of the product).  
The downsides on quality? There is a small rubber stopper piece that keeps the liquid from sliding down the jigger as you pour. If this rubber piece is off-center a bit it may leak down the edge and onto the table. Rocking the rubber piece a bit makes it fit snug and functional. If I imagine anything wearing or getting mis-placed/lost on this product it will be that rubber end-cap; rubber can dry out or leak over time but I've not seen it happen (just theorizing.) 
Zevro Gravity Release Jigger
Just look at it, the style is right there in the product. All Zevro products bring their own concept of style and all of those concepts go slightly against the normal. Sometimes going against that grain is fun and makes people take a closer look (reason you're probably reading this to begin with right?) If you have other Zevro products you'll find these fit that black and clear theme.
The downsides on style? The Zevro Gravity Release Jigger is obviously top heavy, even with footing, so you do want to take care when pouring carelessly (reason we say "take care.") It's not difficult to keep it upright, but it is most obviously going to be wider on the top than the bottom so I wanted to call it out.  
Cool Factor
Releasing liquid via gravity is a bit cool if not a bit slow (you can definitely pour from a jigger faster). Of course, you can just pour it like normal without using the button to release the liquid from the bottom if you want but that's not as "cool." The real cool factor is in its ability to layer shots quickly and effectively without flipping a spoon and trying to keep a steady hand on the edge of the glass. Especially for those tighter shot glasses which don't fit spoon heads as well. 
The product is rock solid even with its plastic construction, is affordable considering its style, quality and functionality. The Zevro Gravity Release Jigger definitely provides the functionality in layering cocktails which is where I'd put the focus on the "why to buy" for this baby. The ability to release liquid without the layering attachment just gives you a reason to use it as a typical jigger when not layering.
Personally, I can see mixing and matching this jigger with other bartool products and measures. Bringing it along with your jigger or oxo measuring cup is still useful because this tool can measure out to 3 oz. (100ml) where most jiggers cap out at 2-ounces (and that usually means carrying two or more jiggers for all the variations). Of course, you can get some of the variations in a single tool with the Zevro Knuckle Jigger too. This will become a great compliment to your bartool arsenal and can become highly valuable when doing your pousse-cafe cocktails (layered shots and such).