The Boston Shaker, Cobbler Shaker and Understanding Cocktail Shakers

Posted August 13 2013


For some reason or another The Boston Shaker seems to be a mystical device that scares many cocktail enthusiasts because it doesn't look "easy" to work. However, a Boston Shaker is not a complicated device, although you will need to get yourself a nice cocktail strainer to work with it. You build your cocktail in a 16-oz pint glass (included with our Boston Shakers), most often with ice, put the tin on top and give it a tap.

Shake the cocktail for about 10-seconds and then give the edge of the Boston Shaker a tap with the palm of your hand and you are ready to strain. While it doesn't lend itself too well to instructional text, we did supply a video above to get you to see the action shots.


Cobbler Shaker vs. Boston Shaker

The 3-piece cobbler shaker works fine for cocktail creations but we find they freeze up pretty good and are hard to take apart after you do your shake. The cobbler isn't the cheapest of all the cocktail shakers either, as you need 3-pieces to make it work while you can find some affordable Boston shakers, like our Polished Boston Shaker that comes in around the same price even with a lower priced cocktail strainer.

You will find the Boston Shaker doesn't freeze up to the point of not being able to reuse it quickly and effectively without running the cobbler under warm water. On a personal level, I feel the Boston Shaker is an easier shaker to work with, looks more professional and makes you feel like a bartender.

Of course, if you want to get crazy with your 3-piece shaker, I suggest checking out our Mason Shaker alternative, which can hold much more fluid so you can make larger batches more effectively.

However you want to shake your cocktails we encourage you to do it and enjoy your time. But, if you asked us, the Boston Shaker is just a bit more effective and not nearly as hard as people believe it to be when it comes to cocktail shaking.