New Boston Shakers In Stock, Great Selection

Posted August 24 2013
Neon Boston Shaker

We have seen great success with our polished Boston Shaker and it's time to offer more selection. After over 8 strong reviews for the shaker we've decided to go with some great Vinyl Boston Shaker designs along with a growing Neon selection starting with the Neon Orange Boston Shaker--this sucker is bright!

Of course, on top of the neon we have a few other options including green, pink, orange and white Boston Shakers with a vinyl coating to sit along side the black, blue and red we already have been carrying. Now, you can select a Boston Shaker that fits your own personality.

For me, I've got myself the powder coated Neon Orange Boston Shaker (you'll see us using it on Common Man Cocktails next week). When I'm working with bar tools and cocktails I like the bright obnoxious ones, just like I like my cocktail garnishes: huge and obnoxious!

Soon, look forward to 16 oz. shaker tins as well, in bright "candy finish."