Cthulhu Tiki Mugs, Almost In Stock, 20% Discount NOW.

Posted August 31 2013

The day is almost here, by this Wednesday we will no doubt have our Cthulhu Tiki Mugs in stock and ready to sell. Do you want to save 20% off the great Cthulhu? Time is running short, but there are no shipments coming in due to Labor Day so you've got a couple days extra to squeak in your order with our running discount.

Of course, you can wait and get them at the normal pricing later, but buy one for yourself now and one for a friend or family member for the holidays and you're already one step closer to being done your holiday shopping! And, you can save some cash doing it. Cthulhu is calling, are you listening?

Get your Cthulhu Tiki Mugs 20% off Today!