TwelveTwentyFour Cocktail Bar Bag, Review (1224 Bag)

Posted September 15 2013
1224 Bar Bag

There are cocktail bags and then there are cocktail bags and TwelveTwentyFour brings a bag built for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This bag is fairly huge, 15”L X 13.5”H X 11.5”W, which means you've got a beast of a bag but that bag holds everything you'll need for your on-the-go cocktail parties and tending bar at the most remote location.

This bar bag is designed for heavy duty bar work from its water repellent Cordura nylon to the true valcro brand connections and the YKK zippers. The concept is simple: this is a bar bag you want to use for all your travel needs for many years to come. You're able to carry some heavy gear, including up to six 750ml bottles of alcohol. My preference comes down to a four bottles of alcohol, a polished boston shaker and four bottles of bitters. 

1224 Cocktail BagThe TwelveTwentyFour bag comes with a separable tool bag that can hold everything from a knife, lemon squeeze, strainers, bottle openers, spoons and many other variable tools. It separates with two zippers, not valcro, so a heavy set of tools will not cause the bag to rip off, instead it sticks clearly and securely on the main bar bag.

1224 Bar bagThe geek in me loves the slot in the main bag that will fit my laptop from a macbook pro to my little 11" mac air and a cutting board. This is great when going to friends house where you don't want to keep asking them where they're cutting board, knives, strainers and spoons are hidden. Just bring everything you need to make the cocktails of the night.

You can also spare a few spots for glassware instead of bottles of alcohol (just have your friends bring those) and carry a few custom glassware products for the specific cocktails you need to create.

Is this bag for you? The TwelveTwentyFour bar bag isn't for everyone, there will be people that don't need to bring their gear places or only have one or two items to carry. You can probably get away with a backpack or perhaps a paper bag, but for those that want to get more hardcore into mixology or travel to friends houses for parties (or paid events), this bar bag is the way to roll.