Aphrodite Bitters by Adam Elmegirab Review / Notes

Posted February 25 2013

Aphrodite Bitters by Adam ElmegirabDr. Adam Elmegirab Aphrodite Bitters, a mysterious green labeled bottle which is themed after the greek goddess of sexuality and love: Aphrodite. Historically, bitters were most often used to for medical purposes; not sure if they really worked as designed but they did also leech people to remove sickness so... the purpose of most bitters today are flavorful and aroma "spice" for cocktails. 

Aphrodite bitters focuses on ingredients associated with the aphrodisiac and, as Adam Elmegirab says, the ingredients are the "finest chocolate, cocoa nibs, ginger root, red chili, Arabica coffee and ginseng are compounded to create a complex flavor profile with each botanical playing off and enhancing one another." 

The listed ingredients include: alcohol, water, chocolate, cocoa nibs, ginger root, red chili, Arabica coffee, ginseng and other spices.

Aroma Notes: The aroma of Aphrodite bitters start out with a bitter dark chocolate and quickly jumps through your senses into a chili pepper like flavor (I even get a bit of the vinegar like scent which I believe is a trick of my senses). 

Tasting Notes: mild bitter European dark chocolate notes, hazelnut mid-palate flavor that ends with a very distinct coffee bean. 

I've found that the Elmegirab Aphrodite Bitters work best in a cocktail in which the tail end finish is mild; this allows you to fully enjoy the rich dark coffee bean notes that linger for over 20-seconds or more. The coffee finish reminds me closest of a recently emptied coffee filter container--you don't get a striking coffee bean but you just know that once coffee beans sat in that container. 

The bitter chocolate mingles with the chili pepper flavor but most of that distinct chili rises into your nasal passages as you take your sip. The chili can be drowned out by cocktail garnishes that tend to be striking to the senses, so I suggest a light or mild cocktail garnish like a thin slice of orange peel or maybe a bit of lemon (or no garnish at all).

Aphrodite bitters definitely focus on the mystery and intrigue of a chocolate, chill and espresso play and should work good in softer flavored cocktails with a bit of oak aged bourbons, a light rinse of absinthe (but not too much), gold rum and even a triple sec like Triplum by Luxardo. Adam Elmegirab brings a neat combination of flavors with Aphrodite and it should really accent your spirits and bring through some really complex and inviting sensual flavors.