Teapot Bitters by Adam Elmegirab Review / Notes

Posted February 26 2013

Adam's Teapot BittersDr. Adam Elmegirab Teapot Bitters arrives in your typical "bitters bottle" shape with a classy English style label. The teapot bitters set themselves apart from many other bitter offerings with their subtle tea-centric notes alongside a mildly sweet aroma. 

Teapot bitters build off the heritage of one of the worlds most historically beloved trade products: tea. Not just any old tea, but a spiced tea with botanical aromas far exceeding your basic Earl Grey (who was that guy anyway?!). Adam Elmegirab formulated his teapot bitters in 2012 inspired by the medicinal history of tea and bitters.

The listed ingredients include a base of rum alongside black tea, vanilla, yerba mate, hazelnut, citrus peel, and other botanicals.

Aroma Notes: Sweet vanilla playing off a rich chai tea spice and a hint of hazelnut (but very subtle)
Tasting Notes: Initial attack of black tea with a vanilla rich mid-palate that finishes in a mingling of clove and citrus.

At first glance your brain thinks, "these would go great in a black tea-based cocktail" but I'd hesitate on going in that direction too much because the tea base will overwhelm the senses and you'll lose touch with the subtle qualities of this teapot bitter. My fear is that the acidity may just be too much on the palate and lose touch with some of the qualities that finish this bitter selection. 

Oak-centric cocktails may gain some big advantages as the vanilla will no doubt be accented and the black tea / chai as would an aged tequila (perhaps an añejo sour or something?) There is no doubt teapot bitters peak curiosity as they're our #1 seller to date; I think people really enjoy the idea of a vanilla tea within their cocktail (might also pair well with Kahlua or other coffee liqueurs used in moderation.)

Do not be shy with the versatility of Adam's teapot bitters and never be afraid to experiment with the bitters through a host of different cocktail designs. First, I suggest isolating the flavors by adding four dashes to a coupe glass and fill it with water (or sparkling water) then smell the aroma off the water a few times to experience the complexities. Once you've enriched your nose with the aroma, give it a taste and start exploring the isolated and fine flavors of Dr. Adam Elmegirab Teapot Bitters! Just doing an initial tasting is an age old home remedy for stomach aliments (and, by some old fashioned bitters salesman, it also solves liver disease, heart problems, viruses, sicknesses and probably world hunger). 

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