Top Cocktail Christmas Gifts for Men, Gift Ideas

Posted November 18 2013

So, you looking for a few gift ideas for the man in your life? That may be a husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or father, we're not here to limit! Here are the top 10 cocktail gifts and accessories for this holiday season AwesomeDrinks style!

#1 Mason Shaker

The Mason Shaker is no doubt unique, hits a humorous tone while still being a practical cocktail shaker. It fits 32 ounces of mixed beverage (with ice of course) so you can make larger servings while maintaining a "red neck theme." The Mason Shaker would also fit any holiday party gift themes that are priced under USD $30 like a Yankee Swap or other Gift Exchange.

Also great for those men that like to make cocktails, but are sick of having shakers that get stuck once cold. While a Boston Shaker serves a similar purpose, it can often times be intimidating.


#2 Leaning Lowball Glasses

Sticking with the eye opening 'wow' theme for a minute, the leaning lowball glassware serves its purpose like any other liquid containing vessel but does it with a certain "leaning" style. Many people will react with a tilted head and a questioning look when you serve beverages in this glass while asking, "am I drunk?"

A great gift for those fathers that have everything and you want to find something that will stand out amongst their collection. The 9 ounce capacity is perfect for many cocktails or even a soda or energy drink.


#3 He'e Tiki Mug

For the man in your life that loves all things tiki, the He'e tiki mug (pronounced Hey-eh) brings an angry tiki squid and combines them against a classic collins design. Holding 17-ounces of fluid, the He'e allots plenty of room for ice and beverage and fits well with our GlassDharma Straw products of equivalent size (roughly 7" tall.) 

A great gift as the design mug is not a mass production run, which means over the next few years it will become more of a collectors item yet will always maintain the aggressive tiki squid design in a nice dishwasher safe glazed finish. Buy two and make him a set for the holidays.


#4 Stolzle Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

These glasses work for all spirits from whiskey to eggnog or irish cream. If the man in your life is into tasting spirits like tequila, bourbon, vodka or rum and you often see them nosing a new spirit, these glasses are the perfect fit. Their design is perfect for getting the full flavor of your spirit from taste to beautiful aroma.

Or, just sit back with a glass of eggnog and nutmeg and enjoy. Also great for sampling beer.


#5 Neon Orange Boston Shaker

We often kid that this is the hunters Boston Shaker due to its massively bright orange color, if only we can get a cost effective camo pint glass to pair with it! This Boston Shaker comes complete with a pint glass (we also suggest you pair it with a nice cocktail strainer) it shows the guy that he stands out in a crowd! 

This would be a great gift for the would-be home mixologist man that likes to create cocktails at home with friends or at parties. If you find they're enjoying the craft its time to up the game and get them a neon orange Boston shaker.


#6 Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

Oddly, the sphere ice mold is a highly sought after product with many companies producing their own variation. Tovolo's version creates a very tight round ice with little in the way of a seam. Some sphere ice molds can have you struggling to create the perfect round mold without flat tops or seams, tovolo does it right. 

Great for the guy that loves to sip his scotches and whiskey's or another other spirit. Pairs well with the Wide Old Fashioned because it fits within the glass. Some glassware may be a bit small for such an epic ball so make sure you plan in advance or just pickup both as the gift of choice.


#7 Wide Old Fashioned Glasses

This glassware accommodates many larger ice cubes like the King Cube series by tovolo or the Colossal Ice Cube Tray and Sphere Ice design. We started carrying these specifically to house the large cubes for drinking with core spirits like rum, scotch, bourbons and other high potency products. Large ice cubes slow down dilution into your drink so they work well for spirits that could use a bit of water and chill but don't require massive water puddles.

Also works great with a few Perfect Ice Cubes and your favorite energy drink.


#8 Fee Brothers Gin Barrel-Aged Orange Bitters

If he is a big gin or vodka drinker and tends to drink tonic-centric cocktails, the Fee Brothers Gin Barrel-Aged Orange Bitters are a great option to enhance both the aroma and flavor of his most often drank cocktail. Offering a bit more oak aged flavor without going overboard means you can create a more robust flavor in many of your favorites or as a substitute for cocktails calling for "orange bitters" or "citrus bitters."

Best of all, these bitters are a seasonal batch and once they're out of season that's it for the year. So, you can buy him a product that's more specialized for the time of year and shows you put in the research ahead of time to give him more of a one-of-a-kind treatment this season.


#9 Vaportini

The Vaportini is a unique vapor-based spirit product. Add some of your favorite spirit to the glass ball and warm it up to inhale the flavorful vapors. Definitely on the niche side of the cocktail industry and a bit controversial. He may have seen them used on The League by Snoop Dog or perhaps its completely foreign and you wanted to really stand out with one of those "what the heck?" gifts this season.

This product definitely sits more along the lines of a party product or discussion piece but it is highly unique in the cocktail industry and one of the more safe versions of the product (not home built in your garage with pumps and badness). If he likes unique products that nobody else has around him, the Vaportini is a go-to winner.


#10 Belgian Beer Glasses

We stuck this at #10 only because it may be more practical and a "safety gift" for the season. If you're just not sure what he wants this year but you know he drinks beer than the belgian beer glasses are a great idea. It's not too crazy of a concept compared to the Vaportini or Mason Shaker but you know he'll like them non-the-less.

A great beer drinker gift for the man that loves his higher end beers, stouts, märzens and aromatic beer selections. The 13 ounce glass is smaller than a standard pint and offers a bit more elegance while also limiting your vessel for those more high proof beer options.