Top Cocktail Christmas Gifts for Women, Gift Ideas

Posted November 20 2013

Top Cocktail Christmas Gifts for Women

We consulted the women in our life (and the lady that does your shipping here at AwesomeDrinks) and thought long and hard about some great cocktail gifts for women this holiday. Here is our top-10 list! 

#1 Fishbowl Martini Glasses

The perfect gift for that women in your life that likes eccentric yet awesome glassware. These glasses are practical and “wow factor” is high. Chill your martini while you slowly sip without it getting warm by sitting it in a bath of ice and water. Perfect.


#2 Glass Tiki Mug

One of our top performers on AwesomeDrinks, as it provides mystery and elegance all with tiki style. Often times folks purchase these because they used them while on their honeymoon in Hawaii or had been served something at a restaurant in one of these pieces. Highly sought after and perfect for the women who embraces tiki culture.


#3 Petite Martini

A short martini design with a big bowl of awesome. These glasses hold 9 ounces of fluid making them great for cosmopolitans and cocktails with a larger juice to alcohol ratio. Often seen on TV or served at higher end cocktail bars, it’s time to bring them home for her this holiday.


#4 Rebel Martini Glasses

Martini glasses for those rebels that don’t want your straight and typical cocktail designs. The curved stem still keeps its practicality in avoiding hands warming your cocktail but stray from the “typical.” These glasses look great with bright colored cocktails in shades of red, pink, purple and green.


Classy Coupe

#5 Classy Coupe Glasses

Sometimes you want the pre-prohibition look and feel to your cocktails. Bring out the burlesque dancers because these glasses harken back to a day of class and elegance in a short stemmed design. Small enough to hold a cocktail with strong core spirits or utilized for a little champagne for celebration.

Show your women she has class this holiday.


#6 Hurricane Glasses

Maybe your first experience with the Hurricane was at Pat O’Briens Bar in New Orleans or perhaps you just enjoy a nice frosty frozen cocktail. These glasses are design references off the old style hurricane lanterns and are often seen used with blended cocktails like the strawberry daiquiri or pina colada (or, of course, the hurricane).


#7 Stolzle Cordial Glasses

Serving your after dinner cordials work great in the Stolzle Cordial glasses. When your lady has had a hard day at work and just wants to decompress with a small glass of limoncello or irish cream, Stolzle has you covered with these beautiful crystal cordials.


#8 Tovolo Perfect Ice Cube Trays

Use your fridge ice maker for creating cocktails in your Boston Shakers and such, but serve your guests with perfect ice cubes from Tovolo. These cubes are larger than your standard ice cube while maintaining a perfect square design which goes great against that of a cylindrical collins glass.


#9 Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries

Change her life this holiday season with actual authentic maraschino cherries. These aren’t those bright red bleached cherries you get for $2 in the ice cream section of the store, these are sweet and syrupy candied cherries seen in high end bars downtown. Now, you can bring them home and once you’ve tasted one, life will never be the same for you. Ice cream, cocktails, there is no limit.


#10 Cocktail Decanters

Great for breakfast orange juice on the table, creams for coffees and juices for creating cocktails away from the refrigerator at the table. Fill them with your favorite grapefruit brands, freshly squeezed oranges, lemons, limes or sour mixes and impress your friends with your cocktail prowess.