Limoncello Cordial Glasses: The New Trend

Posted February 09 2013

Limoncello is definitely the "in thing" right now, people are creating homemade recipes for limoncello all the time and I don't know what has inspired this new craze but it's out there. Perhaps there was a movie or something that has started the new trend or a celebrity--all I know is that searching for homemade recipes and limonchello glassware is on the rise.

With that, I decided to carry some limoncello glassware for our store, the Limoncello Cordials. Like most liqueurs, Limonchello is often serviced in small glassware for sipping. In Italy, as I understand it, they're served in small ceremic glassware with neat designs and such, but I've found those excessively expensive and hard to get in the United States. Without having the ceremic option (but I'm still looking), the next best thing was a tall fluted cordial glass that is 1.75 ounces in capacity so it holds just enough for a sipper and the glassware can also serve for shots as well.

The sexy curves allows for great layer effects pousse café coctails (layered shooters) and its tall 6-inch frame makes it look as if it holds more than it really does, but it's only 1.75 ounces, just under 2-ounces of fluid!

I'm not sure about what has turned the audience on to limoncello (I'm not a huge fan myself), perhaps its the lemon-centric sweetness or the mild tartness but there is definitely a trend. Awesomedrinks is ready to be part of the trend!