AwesomeDrinks Expands Into Syrups and Bitters

Posted February 14 2013

Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Aromatic BittersAs part of the acquisition of AwesomeDrinks we've decided the next strategic move is to get into Bitters and Syrups. Many syrups, of course, Grenadine being the biggest, work well in a cocktail as do all bitter flavors. There are many syrups on the list that I want to get including Fee Brothers Blue Curacao Syrup, an orgeat syrup and a few other sweetners that are fun.

Of course, many also work in coffee, so you've got secondary uses for them as you browse. Right now it's a slow process as we bring in new brands and new flavors of bitters from angostura to fee brothers and I'm looking for the best of the best. Soon, we should be able to get some Regans' Orange Bitters No. 6 but it's a bit tough to negotiate and get all the brands into the store quickly--we're working on it!

If there is a brand of bitters you'd love to see please help us out and let us know. For now, you'll find our selection of Fee Brothers will continue to grow to fill the entire line of options and Angostura Orange Bitters will hit our shelves soon as well.