GlassDharma Straws, Will They Break?

Posted March 10 2013
You ever want to validate a claim but just can't take the risk? GlassDharma claims their straws won't break or chip under typical use and are willing to back that claim up by saying, if they do, return them and get free replacements. I found this video they did and I had to share because I think this backs up their claim without us (the consumers) haven't to try it ourselves (yes, I sell them but I also use them).

Now, I'd love to add more anecdotal evidence to build more into the claim on GlassDharma but I think the glass straws falling off tables and bouncing is the best one can provide. Of course, if you throw them at people or use them as swords, there is no doubt things will go bad, but under typical use you're safe with GlassDharma straws!