Why are we carrying the Vaportini?

Posted June 10 2013

There have been tons of exposure for the vaportini product in the news, blogs and across the Internet. Of course, not all the talk has been good--many folks are telling you to stay away from vaporizing products that involve alcohol because there is no medical studies on all the impacts. If you're worried or doubtful we also believe you should play it safe and stay away.

So why carry it? Well, having tested it personally and seen just how much time can go into ingesting 1-ounce of alcohol (upwards to 20-30 minutes) it's clear to me that there are much more effective ways to get "drunk fast" if that's your end goal. However, it is cool, niche and the aroma does in fact bring some of the essence of the spirit through your nasal passages. A few thirty pack's of Natty Ice would be a most cost effective method to get drunk and, let's face it, if someone wants to do something stupid with alcohol they can indeed find more "creative" and often unsafe methods to do it.

Looking through youtube at how some people are custom making seemingly dangerous mechanisms to put vapored alcohol into your body as fast as possible, it makes me feel better knowing there are designed products out there trying to put a bit more sanity into the trend.

Does this mean the vaportini is entirely safe to use? No. Of course, alcohol itself can be unsafe to use as well; there just tend to be more studies on alcohol consumption as it's been around for many thousands of years. There is definitely some additional novelty to the vaportini and many people are jumping in on the trend.

AwesomeDrinks is not here to force any products on their customers, you can choose what you want to purchase and we'll be here to guide you along the way. Of course, those looking to jump into the trend will probably find the vaportini is a good way to introduce yourself without getting overly dangerous with home grown pumps, tubes, vaporizers, dry ice and other craziness I've been seeing lately.

Remember some basic rules: everything in moderation, use at your own risk, understand your limits and be careful. Those will go a long way with many products you'll be able to purchase involving alcohol consumption (including shot glasses).

Still don't believe the vaportini is for you? That's fine, we also sell whiskey snifters, rocks glasses, bitters and some great tiki glasses.