New Martini Glasses to our Martini Glass family

Posted July 18 2013

Martini GlassesIf you're into Martini Glasses (also known as the Cocktail Glass) we recently just launched a new glass design on our store called the Twisted Martini Glass. I chose this martini glass design because it's far different from our other martini glasses in stem design. 

For those that want the classic look, our Classic Martini Glass is pretty standard and fits a great five ounce sizing. However, we have had some of our customers requesting a larger martini glass vessel size with the old "large" capacity being our 8-ounce Petite martini glass (yeah, the name is deceiving as the size of the glass is smaller, but the martini glass bowl is larger).

Our latest bowl size, the twisted martini brings 9.25 oz. capacity yet maintains the sexy stem look and feel. The twist is a bit more of a bend in reality but it's a "twisted" look and feel and, if you fill the bowl with a spirit you and your friends may get a bit twisted as well.

So, if you are in the market to buy martini glasses definitely checkout our latest addition to the martini family and have fun with it. Just remember, bigger bowl equals more spirit so be prepared!