The Modern Mixologist Hand Blown Mixing Glass, In Review

Posted August 14 2013

The Mixing Glass, it seems like such a simple object for cocktail creation but, for some reason, I'm excited about it! It is not too unlike how I was excited about a new video game as a kid I guess. But, as an adult there are some very basic things that I really enjoy and, today, it's cocktail creation.

The Modern Mixologist Hand Blown Mixing Glass happens to be one of those simple products that makes me want to go stir up a cocktail. A few years ago it was the Boston Shaker that made me smile and feel like a professional mixologist. As the excitement wears off on one thing, you start looking for something new. The mixing beaker is a hand blown product (no seams, great weight, beautiful design) that allows me to mix up to 20.5 ounces of cocktail creations.

Sure, you can use a pint glass to mix up to 16 ounces (but you need to leave some of that room for ice) and it will work great for one or two medium sized cocktails at a time, but the 20.5 ounces gives you more room to build more cocktails in a single sitting; great for parties with friends!

Overall, the Modern Mixologist Hand Blown Mixing Glass isn't any type of revolutionary product but it does make me feel like I have stepped up my game of cocktail mixing. I've got my Boston Shaker for shaken cocktails and a mixing glass for "stirred" cocktails and I can see myself using this thing a lot.

It was that excitement that made me realize this is a product we must carry at AwesomeDrinks because if a guy like me can get excited about something so simple than others may as well. I would pair this product with a 2-pronged strainer and a bar spoon so that you have everything you need to be an at-home professional.