Halloween Skull Shot Glasses

Posted August 19 2013

Halloween is almost upon us and I wanted to prepare as best I can for the crazy holiday with some glassware. To handle the Halloween craze, so we now are stocking Skull Shot Glasses for the holiday. Okay, we will probably carry them as long as we can get them but I thought a Halloween Skull Shot Glass would be a great product to prepare for the season.

What better than a Brain Hemorrhage Shooter for Halloween within the skull shot glassware. I chose these specific glasses because they're actually made of glass and not foggy plastic that breaks, can't be washed in the dishwasher and it's fairly cheap. I want people to have access to real glassware shaped as skulls!

I find these themed glasses great for potent spirits that you want to show are "deadly" potent or for specific theme nights (of course, Halloween) but, I probably wouldn't use them every single day. Sometimes I like to see the shot design which can be masked behind the 3D skull imagery so a normal shot glass is the go-to glass.

For Halloween, a pirate themed get-together or just because you want them, Skull Shot Glasses are now happily part of the AwesomeDrinks inventory of bad ass products.