Common Man Cocktails and AwesomeDrinks come together!

Posted January 27 2013

That's right, the growing Youtube show Common Man Cocktails has purchased in order to grow to the next level. We're like the Voltron of the 2013 era. What the heck did we do that for?!

Because, as a cocktail show, we've been able to supply great ideas for cocktail recipes and cool bar supplies and glassware. If we're able to get that jazzed about something as simple as a Tiki Mug or Collins Glass, then we're the right people to move the store into a new direction. The idea is to steer the store through 2013 and beyond with new glass designs, trendy yet useful hardware and accessories and grow beyond the basic garnish and supply bitters, syrups and other great dressings for the bar.

The original store owners believed we had the exact skill set to take their baby to new heights and we don't disagree in the least. Enthusiasm, energy and the willingness to find the next awesome cocktail glass for bright and colorful creations is now our job.

What will you get with the new acquisitions beyond awesome drink-ware?

  • Fast and responsive customer service (because we're small, agile and ready to succeed)
  • International shipping, because we know many countries have very little access to cool glass designs.
  • Social networking, video's of the product and more.
Oh, and we take requests, if you know there is something that must be carried by, please contact us so we can hunt it down.