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ingredients: alcohol, water, gentian, macadamia nuts, natural flavorings

Bitters, Old Men - Roasted Macadamia, 1 oz. Bottle

$8.99 each.
Default Title
  • 1 oz. Bottle Capacity (30ml)
  • 44% Alcohol by Volume
  • Handcrafted, Small-Batch production

Bitters, Old Men Macadamia bring a new flavor profile to your cocktails. Enjoy a nutty nuance to your next cocktail creation with Bitters, Old Men Roasted Macadamia--great for tiki style cocktails.

"Macerated with house-roasted Hawaiian nuts. the creamy kernel’s rich nuttiness rounds out similar notes in brown spirits and provides a palate-coating counterpoint to the sweeter notes in Tiki drinks."

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