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CMC Boston Shaker with Pint

$19.99 each.
CMC Boston Shaker
  • 27.5 oz. capacity
  • CMC Logo Etch
  • Includes 16 oz. Logo Pint Glass

The Common Man Cocktails Boston Shaker is anything but common, this shaker is heavier and thicker than your average shaker tin. If you take a normal shaker tin and squeeze the top, you can get it to bend a bit into more of an oval shape, the CMC Boston Shaker keeps the shape with incredible force, showing off its thicker structure. 

Quality in design and logo is not a sticker that will fall over with a few washings, the logo is a permanent etch in the steel as is the laser etched logo pint glass that is included.

CMC Boston Shaker with Pint has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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