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Dimensions: 2.87" tall, 2.25" top diameter, 1.75" bottom diameter, 2.25" maximum diameter

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Modern Shot Glass

$8.99 set of 4
  • 2 oz. Capacity (59.14ml)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in the USA

All of our modern shot glasses have a super thick glass bottom to withstand repeated slamming, but also come with a 1 oz. measure line for those that like to be exact with their measures. The chiseled bottom provides a sure grip and reflects the contents like finely cut glass.  The modern shot glass has a secondary function of measuring out ingredients using the white line on the glass for those that don't use standard measures or jiggers for measuring (or those in a hurry with little resource).

If you want a photo perfect shot, or are making pousse-cafe style "layered" cocktails, you may want to checkout the classic bar shot as it doesn't have the white 1 oz. line and may look better when showing off your special layers. Or, buy both styles, we won't complain.