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ingredients: Texas grapefruit, coconut vinegar, cane sugar, natural extracts

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Texas Grapefruit Shrub by Liber & Co.

$11.99 each.
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  • 8.5 oz. Bottle Size (251ml)
  • Pairs great with gin and scotch
  • Create brand new cocktail creations with unique flavor

Being Texan boys, the folks at Liber & Co. grew up eating Rio Star grapefruits. Brilliantly red and very sweet, The Rio Star is a variety unique to South Texas. They wanted to highlight their home state’s iconic citrus by creating a Texas Grapefruit Shrub.

Shrubs are antiquated methods of fruit preservation that offer lively combinations of intense fruit essence and tart acidity. In drinks they can work much like citrus by providing a tart and slightly sweet component.

For their shrubs, they use a cold-press technique to maintain the bright, zesty flavors that are damaged by heat-based extractions. They combine Rio Star grapefruits, coconut vinegar, cane sugar and a hint of allspice. The shrub is sweet and tart, with the zesty grapefruit flavor backed by the subtle allspice note.

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