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Super Fast Awesome Shipping Times, Explained...

Are you sick of those online companies that process your shipment four days or longer after you order?

Who isn't!?

Here at AwesomeDrinks we strive to impress and most of our customer feedback and reviews are over speedy delivery of items. If you order something before noon time (East Coast) we'll no doubt have that package in the mail the same day.


Why do we process orders so fast?

We care. 

Here are the facts: We are an online-only store and that means our #1 priority is processing orders.


So, if I order something today... it's going to be looked at today?


Once you finalize your purchase the order arrives in our inbox, we dance and shout a little bit, and start processing the order so that you get it a.s.a.p. Of course, if you are buying a backordered item we cannot ship it that day, but we'll contact you and ask if you need the rest of your order (if more than one item) shipped that day.


I want to use next-day "I need this yesterday" shipping, still on top of it?

Consider it shipped!

We have plenty of folks shipping next-day because they need it tomorrow. If the shipping facility is open and you order it within our shipping window for that day, we'll get it done. Past noon and you're panicked? Contact us and let us know, we'll do our best to head back to the facility and drop off your package.

We understand next-day shipments are costly to you and nothing is more frustrating than paying for next-day shipping when the product takes four or more days to pack. At that point, you're past the window of opportunity. That won't happen here.


Still worried it won't ship?

Contact us.

We realize you're panicked and need your shipment sent a.s.a.p. Contact us via email (click above) and confirm with us that we got the order and we're on it. We'll get back to you and make you feel better realizing there is a human taking care of your package and that it matters to us. Again, it's our job.


I ordered Saturday or Sunday, still gonna pack it?

Without a shadow of a doubt!

We will process packages on the weekend when needed (it makes Monday mornings easier). Order on a Saturday and wondering why Sunday morning you received a shipping confirmation email? Because we've got it packed, processed and waiting for the shipping facilities to open up on the next business day. Yeah, we'll work weekends for you so that your package is ready to go.

We don't know why other online businesses think they can rest until Monday morning and then get backed up. Why doesn't everyone work as hard as awesomedrinks? We don't know, but we don't care either, it makes us stand out amongst the slackers!

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