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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the most common e-mails and phone calls we receive, if none of these answer your question please contact us and we can get you a speedy reply.


Ordering Questions

Do I have to register on your website to buy?

Heck no! Registration is optional. The only benefit to registering with our website is for order tracking and status updates (although e-mails are also generated for these events). Many frequenty buyers do have accounts registered to help keep track of their orders and it assists us with account management. But, again, it's completely optional and you can just purchase producst as "Guest" and all will work just fine.


Are all orders done online?

Yes. We are an online store only. Some folks believe it is "safer" to do credit card transactions over the phone but you may find that most online retailers, like ourselves, would fill in customer orders online using our own store interface. There is no benefit in giving your credit card over the phone to us and having us enter it through the same shopping cart that you would use. In fact, phone orders add a second layer of mis-communication e-mail address entry, address, etc.


Do you share customer information?

As our privacy policy states, we do not share your information with anyone outside of Signing up for our newsletter is optional (with an opt-out policy as default) and your address is used only to ship products. Your phone number is used to call if there is a problem with the order or additional information is needed. Credit card information is not stored on file nor do we ever see the credit card information as all these transactions occur with our PCI-complient order processing system directly. The only thing our customer record shows is the transaction related to your order (to be used to authorize and refund payments).


Do you charge tax(es)?

No. We are in New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die", we are a sales tax free state nor do we charge tax for any other state. Taxes are left to the purchaser to work out.


How long does it take to process the order?

Customers who checkout and pay before 12PM Eastern Time we will ship it off that day. From there, estimated time may vary depending on location and country.


What type of guarantee do you provide for your products?

While we have our advertised 6-month guarantee posted, it is safe to say that we're very customer focused, if you're not happy we are not happy and we'll work with you to resolve the situation. We do not sell items we do not believe in or use ourselves; we are customers too.


How fast do you process orders?

We are not a large company and that means we are very agile and effective with order handling. That means, if you order something this moment, than we're already analyzing the order and working to package it. Orders are processed within the hour and are packaged for shipment either the same day or the following day. This includes weekends (although nobody works as hard as we do, so most shipping establishments are closed on Sunday so we'll ship them the following day.)



Shipping Related Questions


Where do orders ship from?

All orders ship from Hudson, NH USA


Do you ship international?

Yes, although we have no control over the cost of shipping. We have many customers in Canada but shipping overseas may be prohibitive if shipping costs are an issue.


If my package does not arrive, what do I do?

All packages are shipped with a confirmation number, delivered to your e-mail address supplied at checkout time. First, check the status of the package online for delivery estimation times. Second, confirm the delivery wasn't rejected due to mis-information (such as forgetting your appartment number) and, lastly, please call or e-mail (e-mail is much easier) and ask us about the order.


Are there hidden fees in your shipping charges?

No. We do not include any hidden fees or taxes in shipping estimates. All products are shipped based on their weight so that will be the deciding factor. Products weight are based on their raw weight plus that of the packing materials and box.


How much will it cost to ship to me?

We do not offer flat rate shipping and shipping is based on the weight of the product along with the destination. If you are shipping overseas the price will be higher and if you were shipping to the west coast of North America shipping will cost more than East Coast as we're on the East Coast. However, the main factor in pricing will usually be the weight of the package. That means shipping a bottle of grenadine will be less costly than shipping 25 Tiki Glasses.

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