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Holiday Ordering, What's The Drop-Dead Date?

Christmas arrives every year on the 25th of December and until we can develop an awesome Star Trek style transporter (working on it) we need to account for shipping times. Here are the details.

We Ship From The 03051 Area Code here in New Hampshire. That means, if you're looking to receive your packages guaranteed before the 25th of December you want to order by December 17th for ground shipments.


What About Free Shipping?

Free shipping at AwesomeDrinks will either use USPS Priority Mail (for lighter packages) or FedEx Ground Delivery for those more weighty packages (hello stack o' Tiki's!) To know you'll be in the clear for December 25th, make sure you've ordered by the 17th to get your package by December 24th.


But I'm on the East Coast!

So are we! That means you may be able to order after December 17th and get the package without trouble. However, we're not going to put all of our faith in a highly utilized over-stressed shipping facility on the holidays. If you believe you'll get a package through USPS Priority or FedEx Ground in a shorter time, than by all means!


If I order today, when will it be shipped?

We ship within 24-hoursThat means if you order it today, we will have it in the mail by tomorrow if not that same day (we send orders to the shipping facilities around noon Eastern Time GMT-5.) So, if you order something on the 21st of December and use overnight or next-day air, you're package will be out of our hands quickly and on its way to you as fast as the shipping providers can do it.


What About International Orders?

No promises :-( Once it leaves our hands and starts its way to your country it can take any number of days. If you use a very fast transportation mechanism, as stated above, we send out within 24-hours so add that to your transit time and it will be to you as fast as you are willing to pay for it to get there.


Prove It!

Want to do the legwork to prove it will get to you on time? Hit up FedEx Transit Finder for Rates/Delivery Times and use Hudson, NH or area code 03051 for your source address. Also, checkout USPS Priority Mail Map for additional times.



Final note, remember that sometimes things go bad in delivery and the facility can lose or mangle a package. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. Plan ahead, if you want your gift on time and in good condition, order sooner than later that way we can re-ship anything that has troubles.

If your order arrives in less-than-perfect condition, please contact us as soon as possible so we can remedy the situation and get you replacements.

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