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Regans' Orange Bitters No 6

Company Overview

Gary Regan, notable for a great book called The Joy of Mixology, launched a new bitter brand in 2005 known as Regans' Orange Bitters No. 6. Prior to this, Regan had a few other recipes including Orange Bitters No. 5 which was referenced within his Joy of Mixology book. The problem with Gary's 5th attempt at orange bitters? It was too easy to drink and that's not good for a bitter. The launch of "No. 6" marks the first new bitter produced commercially since Fee Brothers fifty years ago.

Throughout the years Gary has experimented with bitter recipes that just didn't make the mark he wanted to leave on the industry until the famous Orange Bitters No. 6 hit the streets. Now, we all share it and utilize it in many historic cocktails along with brand new cocktail creations.

Gary Regan partenered with the Sazerac Company, maker of Peychaud's bitters to produce his marketable Orange Bitters No 6 branding. Since the release of Gary's brand others have followed, from The Bitter Truth to Angostura Orange and so the history continues.


Company Website: The website varies, it may be either Buffalo Trace or Sazerac Company, in either case, you can gain all the information you need through us as needed.


Product Overview

The only product in the current archive for Gary Regan is Gary Regans' Orange No 6 as that is the only one on the market sold to the public. Please note, unfortunately we're unable to ship Regans' Orange No. 6 outside of the United States as requested by the parent company (this includes Canada) so you'll find restrictions trying to export it from us (and from them directly). If this ever changes we'll be the first to make that update!


Gary Regans' Orange No. 6 (in 5 oz. and 10 oz. bottles)

Coming straight to the point, Regans' Orange brings a great citrus peel aroma straight up to your nose and compliments any cocktail boquete. Within a liquid (such as spring water), you get a herbal bite with a citrus-forward attack that ends in a bit of a ginger like finish. Gary designed a bitter that will be utilized wherever "citrus bitters" or "orange bitters" are called for in a recipe, especially older recipes.


From a cocktail creation standpoint, especially for those looking to break into mixology, Gary Regans' Orange No 6. is a great way to bring balance to your cocktail creations and add a bit of a flavorful citrus aroma (especially to those that are not garnished with orange peel). You'll find Regans' Orange No 6 is complimenting to many cocktails across a broad spectrum at a very good price. Many small batch bitters tend to be about USD$10 more and, while they may offer a bit more dynamic complexity, there is something to be said for simplicity.

If you're a bar owner, you need to be stocking Regans' Orange No. 6 in your bar (in either 5 oz. or 10 oz. variety).

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