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Scrappy's Bitters

Scrappy's Firewater Bitters

Launched in 2008, Scrappy's Bitters are one of the top hand-crafted bitters companies available on the market. Not only does Scrappy's Bitters contain a quality product to enhance a cocktails flavors and aroma's, the variety of bitter options make it a highly sought after brand.

'We started with the simple idea that, “Bitters could be better!” Our focus; to create bitters using nearly all organic ingredients of the highest quality with no artificial flavors, chemicals, or dyes, all while respecting sustainability, and contributing to our communities in the process' --

The available flavors, to date, include Scrappy's aromatics, cardamom, celery, chocolate, grapefruit, lavender, lime, orange and firewater.

Thus far Scrappy's Bitters have done well in creating a wide variety of flavors that won't touch on 'novelty.' These bitterscross more genre's than just cocktails, they can be great additions to meals and sauces too. For instance, some of our customers have reportedly used Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters for creating pie's and baking products.


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Product Overview

Scrappy's Bitters cover a lot of flavors but you can purchase two Scrappy's Sampler Pack's to cover all but their newest Firewater bitters: Sampler #1 (Lime, Chocolate, Cardamom, Grapefruit) and Sampler #2 (Orange, Aromatic, Lavender, Celery). If you're into classic cocktails, Sampler #2 contains both aromatic and orange bitters which are often called for within those cocktails and you can then use celery bitters for your Bloody Mary cocktails.


Scrappy's Aromatic Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

This is Scrappy's answer to the classic aromatic bitters. The aromatics are 47% ABV, contain organic herbs and spices and remind us the holiday season with the lovely yet timid cinnamon, nutmeg and perhaps some allspice. The finish definitely has a nice bitter bite that lingers for a few minutes leaving a little bark-like wooden flavor. Hugely exciting for aromatics.


Scrappy's Orange Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

The answer to the 150 year old desire for orange bitters comes with a zesty citrus kick. Scrappy's Orange Bitters bring lovely mild spices with heavy use of zesty and citrus oil that brighten in aroma when added to your cocktail. While you can enhance a citrus-based drink with Scrappy's Orange Bitters, we suggest something without a lot of orange flavor so that these bitters can do the work for you. Try them in any recipe that calls for citrus bitters or add a few drops to a sugar cube for your Champagne Cocktail to change the experience. These work well in gin, vodka, tequila and many white spirits but also compliment many brown's as well.


Scrappy's Lime Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

Intense lime zest with a light muted juiciness that tastes much like lingering finish after one bites into a lime. Scrappy's Lime Bitters allows you to experience the bright and flavorful lime essences without the massive sour attack. The ingredients include fresh organic lime peel along with organic herbs and spices. These bitters might be a bit much for the likes of a Margarita but would work great in a cocktail that needs a bit of a balance and may have some sour grapefruit base or a tequila-based drink. If your cocktail ingredients seem a bit unbalanced but has a nice acidity, perhaps some Scrappy's Lime Bitters can come to the rescue.


Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

If you like a nice dry dark chocolate flavor, Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters will save your day. These bitters can help balance out those cocktails utilizing vanillas, Irish creams, milk and can totally shake up the nature of some classic cocktails like a Manhattan or even a whiskey sour that has heavy oak notes. These bitters have a great sweet aroma that reminds us of Easter chocolate but finishes with an mild bitter bite. Change up your favorite cocktail and see if the added complexities and nuances blow your friends minds.


Scrappy's Grapefruit Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

Like most people, Grapefruit isn't one of our favorite fruit juices and definitely isn't a melon fruit we'd bring home for the family. However, in the world of bitters, grapefruit is an exquisite flavorful accent to so many great cocktails especially those needing help. By far, when we are recording Common Man Cocktails and find an imbalanced drink and scream out "this cocktail needs bitters," almost every drink can be solved with some grapefruit bitters like Scrappys. Lovely grapefruit notes that stay citrus-like and do not waver too far on the side of tartness yet still keeps a bit of a spicy citrus finish that lingers for awhile.


Scrappy's Lavender Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

Holy crap, you thought you're aromatic bitters had bite, Scrappy's Lavender Bitters take a bold stance on bitter bite. While they bring some beautiful lavender that grows extremely aromatic when added to other liquids, these little guys bring a little muted celery, "green" organic flavors and even a dry biting punch. The bitter bite of Lavender bitters is a great addition to a cocktail as it won't bring any fake sweetness along with the flowery aromas and the organic herbs and spices will help tie the spirits all together within your drinking vessel.


Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

You don't see many cardamom bitters in the small batch bitter industry so Scrappy's stands out quite a bit. These bitters are one of our biggest sellers as they fit both baking needs and cocktails. Fresh organic cardamom flows freely from the bottle without overdoing the intensity and the rest of the spices and citrus notes help create new dynamics within your drinks. You will find people tilting their heads asking themselves, "what's in this drink?" when this bottle is utilized. Scrappy's Cardamom will fit in great for clear spirits and herbal spirits like gin and may also be able to substitute well for a cocktail calling for Peychaud bitters. Next time you build a rum hot toddy give Scrappy's Cardamom a try.


Scrappy's Celery Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

I believe Scrappy's Celery are one of those most misunderstood bitters of the selection. The intense celery seed flavor with citrus accents can really drive the aroma and finish of a cocktail. Celery plays extremely well in vegetal cocktails that touch on the savory aspect of design. A well known example is the Bloody Mary which will be the more obvious vessel for celery based bitters but don't limit yourself to just the basic Bloody Mary. Anything that brings a robust "meaty" flavor will fit well with Scrappy's Celery bitters including sauces for spaghetti.


Scrappy's Firewater Bitters (5 oz. bottle)

Looking to add some heat to your cocktails? Scrappy's Firewater will get you there in a hurry. This is five-alarm hot habanero flavor that's quick to heat and lingers. We believe you can go easy on the Firewater bitters in your cocktail and add a few more dashes if you really love the fire flavor. These are the newest of the Scrappy's Bitters product portfolio and touch on an area that the company hasn't yet explored. Another great addition for a Bloody Mary recipe perhaps with a pairing of Scrappy's Celery bitters. These are a few of the more hotter spiced bitters we have had a chance to dash on our tongue.

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