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Why No Phone Orders?

We currently do not take standard orders over the phone, if you're calling us for larger order inquiries for large events, restaurant chains, etc. please call and discuss. We are a small business that fulfills orders through our online system which assists with security (you don't have to hand your credit card information to us directly) and stops mis-communication (you type in your address information and e-mail address, it's much harder to get it wrong).

If you call asking to order something, we'll direct you to our website to process the order.


What About Security?

Occasionally we get requests for phone orders to avoid passing credit card security over the Internet. However, many businesses (more everyday) use the Internet for credit card transaction processing as we do; if you're truly worried about credit card security ask companies if they're going to process orders over the Internet anyway as that voids all your efforts. Handing your credit card to us over the phone is less secure as you're giving your credit card number to a human and that human has to then enter it into the system themselves.

When you order products on AwesomeDrinks the cart system is handled through a secure channel which performs the full transaction without us at AwesomeDrinks ever seeing your credit card information--it goes from your secured connection to the banking network and back again without us having any part in the transaction. We have a transaction number associated with the order which we can use to credit your card in the case of a return or refund, but we cannot charge to it nor do we have any access to your credit card information.


Keep In Mind...

Credit Card security goes above simply ordering online; a great example being Target's security breach, if you shopped at Target (online or at a local store), your credit card was probably stolen--it didn't take using an online shopping cart to lose your information. Systems are connected to the Internet because it's fast and available, hackers will occasionally break in and steal information, it happens. However, all major credits do not hold you responsible for stolen credit card information or fraud--so a stolen credit card from a store transaction is an annoyance, but not a financial threat. Other brick & mortar stores effected by security breaches include Michaels Stores (arts and crafts) and Neiman Marcus--in our opinion, your card is no safer at a brick & mortar store than an online retailer and this can be seen by recent news headlines.


Moral of the Story

Shop at places you trust, those that look legit, have customer reviews & testimonials and have realistic pricing that doesn't seem "too good to be true." Don't trust the company, call them and talk. Ask them about the company history, business practices and how long it will take to fulfill orders. A good business will answer with a human and cover your concerns and give you the piece of mind that it's just a store trying to make a living (like AwesomeDrinks). 

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