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Dimensions: 5.62" tall, 3.37" top diameter

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CMC Handblown Yarai Mixing Beaker

$36.99 each.
CMC Yarai Mixing Glass (with Diamond Cut)
  • 20.5 oz Capacity (605ml)
  • Great for mixing cocktails
  • Diamand Cut Design (Yarai)
This hand-blown mixing beaker is a beautiful piece of art made greater by the "Common Man Cocktails" CMC Logo that appears on the glass. Unlike the standard CMC Mixing Beaker, this beaker has the infamous Yarai design diamond cuts. Contrary to popular belief the term Yarai doesn't reference a brand of glass, but a style. Our mixing beakers are durable hand blown beaker designs.
Some people prefer the mixing beaker over a pint glass because they find themselves breaking them too often. Other people just like to get into the mood of cocktail creation and want glasses to fit their mood. These glasses will fit your mood or you've got no soul.
This beaker is great for mixing classic cocktails or any cocktail that doesn't call to be specifically shaken (usually those without juices). With a 20.5 oz. capacity, you'll have plenty of space for making some bigger cocktail creations.
Great for both fans of Common Man Cocktails and the average mixologist or cocktail enthusiasts.
CMC Handblown Yarai Mixing Beaker has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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