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Conical Strainer

$7.99 each.
Conical Double Strainer
  • Great for Double Straining Cocktails
  • Catches small juice particals/seeds/flesh
  • Stainless Steel Design

When clarity in your cocktail is a requirement, double straining your cocktail is often required. The conical strainer is used to strain from your Shaker into your glass, simply hold it over the glass as you pour the contents of your strained shaker (hence "double strain") and you'll stop all but liquid from flowing.

The basic strainer on your cocktail shaker holds back ice, large mint leaves, other herbs and some seeds, but tiny juice fleshy citrus pieces can still escape! Stop them with a conical strainer.

Conical Strainer has a rating of 2.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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