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ingredients: Water, alcohol, caramel, gentian, wormwood, roots and spices
Product Review

Hella Bitter, Sampler Set

$15.99 each.
Hella Citrus & Aromatic Sampler Set
  • Two 1.7 oz. Bottle (50ml) bottles
  • Handcrafted bitters from Brooklyn
  • 45.7% alcohol
  • Includes Aromatic & Citrus

Hella Bitters are a fantastic bitter that isn't as well known, brand wise, but shouldn't be left aside. For those worried that Hella Bitters won't live up to expectations, it's time to put your taste buds to the test with the sampler pack. The pack includes two bottles of 1.7 oz. bitters, one will give you a sample of Hella Bitters Aromatic and the other Hella Bitters Citrus

One thing to note, we've priced our sampler set at an aggressive low price so that more people can experience Hella Bitter and come back to buy larger bottles once they realize how their life has been empty without Hella.


Checkout our Hella Bitter Product Page.

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