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Pre-Prohibition Bar Tools Starter Kit

$76.99 each.
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The Pre-Prohibition Bar Tools Starter Kit is designed for people that want to focus on the classics, those with mainly pure spirits along with bitters. You may choose to bring in a liqueur to color or flavor your spirit and you're more likely to put it into a coupe glass and give it pre-prohibition style and grace. While there are plenty of cocktails requiring a "shake" this kit build out is for those that like to stir their spirits and build some of the classics. This Pre-Prohibition Bar Tools Starter Kit includes:

This kit should get you started making some classy classics and displaying them in the beautiful coupe. We included the Scrappy's Gift Sampler #2 to get you started with those classics as it includes both aromatic and citrus bitters. To add to that, you'll get access to lavender and celery bitters to get creative; try those celery bitters in a Bloody Mary as well!

We understand this kit is one of our more expensive builds, but it gives you some great quality products like the hand blown mixing glass along with some of the best bitters in the business to inspire your creativity.

Pre-Prohibition Bar Tools Starter Kit has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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