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8 oz. Bitters Bottle
Dimensions: 7" Tall x 3" Wide
  • 8 oz. Bitters Bottle
  • 8 oz. Bitters Bottle


8 oz. Bitters Bottle - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
  • 8 oz. capacity (235ml)
  • glass (seamed), cork top included
  • hand-wash recommended
  • bitters / contents sold separately

We've been in search for a cost-effective approach to bottling your bitters with a consistent dasher and the results yielded the 8 oz. bitters bottle. This bottle comes complete with the 8 oz. fluted glass and the cork top along with a chrome finished plastic dasher top. 

No, it's not entirely the most fancy device, no diamond cuts or steel dasher top, but it's almost half the cost of other dashers on the market. Great for the home bar enthusiast looking for consistent dashing.

Why a bitters bottle? The idea is quite simple, you want to create a dasher that is consistent in measure across many different brands of bitters. Some bitters bottles come with eye drops (of varying sizes) while others have a plastic dasher insert of various size. When a cocktail calls for a "dash" it becomes hard to create a consistent measure across unique brands of bitters. Enter, the bitter bottle.

The bitter bottle will allow you to empty your favorite brands of bitters into the 8 oz. fluted glass and create the same dash no matter what product you add. If you've got two or three highly used bitters, put each into a bitters bottle and create the perfect dash each time.

We've been working with this bitters bottle for a number of weeks creating cocktails and the dashing is a nice moderate size, it doesn't leak, the cork remains in tact and it is easy to clean (cork may stain with aromatic coloring).

Note: This is real cork and should be cared for appropriately. Wash top carefully by hand.

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