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Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer
ingredients: water, cane sugar, gomme syrup (water, organic acacia powder), bitters (water, alcohol, glycerin, sugar, gentian, orange extract, orange oil, natural flavors, caramel color, added colors), glucono delta-lactone (all-natural acidifier), natural fruit flavors, xanthan gum.
  • Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer


Eli Mason Old Fashioned

  • 1-Part Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer
  • 2-Parts Bourbon / Whiskey

Mix together and serve.

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  • 10 oz bottle (296ml)
  • no high fructose corn syrup
  • only natural ingredients

The Old Fashioned is a true classic, inspiring countless odes and imitations over the last hundred+ years. Eli Mason’s Old Fashioned cocktail mixer is handcrafted with premium bitters, cane sugar, and organic gomme syrup for a refined taste and rich texture. It's essentially a bottled bartender, ready to make the best Old Fashioned cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

To make an Old Fashioned, simply mix 1 part Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer with 2 parts Bourbon or Whiskey. Each bottle makes 12-15 generous servings.

But an Old Fashioned is only the beginning of the delicious recipes you can make with this flavorful syrup.

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