The E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger, Our New Favorite Jigger

Posted August 06 2013

E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger

For a few weeks I've been using the E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger on Common Man Cocktails and I've found the jigger does all I need to become my go-to jigger. What do I need it to do? Given I've got to build cocktails with varying ingredients with varying ingredient capacities and ratios, I need to measure a number of common capacities but I don't want to clutter my table with too many messy jiggers.

Some folks love the steel jiggers, I know it and that's why I also carry the 3-pack of steel jiggers. However, for our needs (and for cooking needs as well), the E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger gives me the ability to measure 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 1 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. without having to make too much of a mess flipping jiggers upside-down to use the bottom half to get the other measure sizes.

The next question many ask is "why not OXO mini angled measuring cups?" Great question! Unfortunately, OXO goes out of their way to make sure valued and respected online stores like ours cannot gain easy access to their products. This means we have to pay a premium to carry them (paying MSRP ourselves) and we make little to no money (after credit card network fees, etc.) on their products. So, while we do carry them, we don't encourage them as we once did. However, our fans have been requesting we carry them so that they can buy some of the stuff we use on our cocktail show. I will carry them because we have been using them for over 5-years on the show (rather than having to send them elsewhere which isn't good for business.)

Before owning AwesomeDrinks I started using OXO angled measuring cups on the show and for over five years I've assisted in selling case upon case of OXO measuring cups for little to no profit through affiliate links. Once I took over ownership of AwesomeDrinks I thought they would be one of our flagship products, until l learned that OXO has declined to work with me and made sure nobody else can knowingly sell to my business. Would you encourage the sale of a product the company explicitly denied giving you their blessing to carry? Probably not!

So... that's the most motivational reason to move Common Man Cocktails over to the E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger. We've spent months trying to find the alternative product and, since OXO patented their design, finding a secondary design that really works for us has been a challenge. 

I put out the challenge to our fans and viewers and they came through for me. I had several great suggestions for a new measuring cup design, tried a few I could find, and that's when E-Z Step Cocktails Jiggers became my top performer. Since OXO doesn't want to support new online stores, it's time for me to move on and find my next top favorite jigger design. E-Z Step Cocktail Jigger, you're tagged in!