Shipping Distances

If you order before 10AM eastern time your order will often be packed the same day. In terms of “Days” of shipping, do not count the day the package is packed (and your tracking number is emailed to you) as this is the pickup day. For example, if you ship via USPS to Texas, the shipment will take 2 days to arrive, plus the day the order was packed for a total of 3 days. However, if you’re northwest of Austin (see map below) the order will take 3 days (+1 day for packing/pickup).

Timing & Distances

FedEx Shipping Distance in Days

FedEx Ground Shipment Timing

USPS Priority Shipping Distance in Days

How fast is your FREE SHIPPING option?

If you order over $100 within the Intercontinental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) we will offer a FREE SHIPPING option. This option will be ground delivery using either USPS or FedEx (whichever works out to be cost effective for us). The shipping time estimates (below) are for standard ground delivery (USPS Priority or FedEx Ground / Home Delivery).

Do you ship internationally?

No. We used to ship internationally but the clearance fees often cost as much as the order and we were losing money with customers refusing international orders once they entered the country. It became far too much work to try to manage expectations on clearance fee charges. Sorry!

Where are you located?

We are located in Hudson, NH. All shipments will be shipped from the East Coast.

What are the shipping times & guarantees?

When we hand off our orders to USPS or FedEx the shipment timing is no longer in our control. However, the couriers all have their guarantees and timing posted on their websites.

  • USPS Shipping Timings: Please note that “Priority Mail” (explained here) “the expected delivery data does not come with a money-back guarantee.” This is a best effort service and weather can slow down arrival.
  • FedEx Ground / Home Delivery: FedEx Ground only delivers on business days while FedEx Home Delivery will deliver on Saturdays as well as business days (but costs around a dollar more for fuel charges). If your shipment is destined for a residential area FedEx will quote “Home Delivery” but if the address is marked as a business, you will receive a quote for FedEx Ground instead. Ground also does not have a money-back guarantee.