Scrappy's Firewater Bitters, Habanero Heat

Posted January 17 2014
Scrappy's Firewater Bitters

Scrappy's Bitters recently launched a new flavor in their cocktail bitter portfolio which they are calling "Firewater Bitters." These bitters represent the hot side of the cocktail world, focusing primarily on cocktails that need a bit of a kick. What would you utilize Scrappy's Firewater bitters for? We suggest the savory side of the cocktail world.

Of course, the most common is a cocktail utilizing tomato juice, the thicker cocktails with salts, peppers and other savory ingredients: the Bloody Mary. If you like your Bloody Mary's spicy hot and roasty on your tongue than Scrappy's Firewater bitters are exactly what you need.

The name may seem a bit confusing to those fans of the "Firewater Liqueur" which is a hot spicy cinnamon flavor. Scrappy's firewater isn't cinnamon, however, because it's infused with crazy Habanero! The heat from Scrappy's Firewater is pretty righteous, beating out the heat you'll get out of the Bittermens Hellfire Bitters by a great deal. One drop of Scrappy's Firewater is like licking a habanero, it's just that hot.

What Scrappy's Firewater (and even the Hellfire from Bittermens) manages to avoid is the vinegar-like taste you get from other hot spices like Tabasco sauce. While adding vinegar infused craziness to a Bloody Mary isn't going to enrage anyone, when it's applied to less savory cocktails it brings an often unwanted vinegar flavor profile. If you're looking for a spicy pineapple cocktail with some tequila and pineapple juice than Scrappy's Firewater helps bring out that lip numbing action without adding additional flavors often used as stabilizing agents like vinegar.

There are not a lot of bitters out there in the small-batch arena playing with super spicy flavor agents. Keep an eye out for Scrappy's to start taking some of that niche market. What will they think of next!