Boker's Bitters by Adam Elmegirab Review / Notes

Posted February 26 2013

Boker's BittersDr. Adam Elmegirab Boker's Bitters are a history lesson in a bottle. Adam has gone through the painstaking process to recreate a legendary product called upon by the bartenders and mixologists of our past. Adam's Boker's Bitters are a historic reproduction of the now lost bitter producer John Boker in 1828. 

Jerry Thomas, also redeemed as "The Father of American Mixology" preferred Boker's Bitters in his cocktail creations but due to Boker's being put out of business in the 1920's (mainly due to Prohibition destroying the craft and industry) all Jerry Thomas' recipes using Boker's bitters couldn't be created and remembered...until now.

Ingredients include alcohol, water, cardamom, citrus peel, quassia bark, catechu, caramel, other herbs and spices.

Aroma Notes: A bright and inviting eucalyptus scent, a light peppermint with a mild earthy profile--very botanical.
Tasting Notes: The attack is a bit of that eucalyptus/cardamom flavor which moves quickly into a spicy woody/earth mid-palate with a slight hint of fennel and a wild bitter bite which reminds me a bit of Campari "bite." I feel there is a bit of citrus pith in the lengthy finish that comes as part of the bite. The finish is also a bit dry.

Boker's Bitters is definitely an acquired taste for those that like to pair cocktails with vermouth or campari as it seems to bring some qualities of both. The profile will easily pair with your classic cocktails from the Old Fashioned in replace of angostura and may be an interesting twist to a gin martini, champagne cocktail or really spice up a gin and tonic.

Of course, you could go and re-create many of the old historic cocktails that call for a Boker's Bitters, but I would also encourage you to take it to a new level and create your own history and build new and beautiful creations with today's liqueur and spirit options.

I may start using Boker's bitters in replacement to some of my Angostura recipes for a pure change up in flavor profile, but, I am not a huge fan of the striking bite and dry finish. I would more likely reach for teapot or Aphrodite bitters because they don't have the same long bitter finishing.

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