Bittermens Bitters Now In Stock

Posted April 11 2013

Bittermen's Xocolatl MoleWe've been growing out our bitters collection extensively over the last two months and, in doing so, we have learned a lot about what our customers are seeking out in their bitter searches. What are they looking for? new, exciting and different.


The small batch bitters, like bittermens seem to focus on two categories of bitter flavors: reviving age old cocktail bitters and generating new exciting bitter creations. It is essential that we are allowed to create cocktails of old, those before prohibition and those that came after that have been forgotten for too long.


Today, we focus on the other direction: new age cocktail creations! While we don't carry the full line of bittermens bitters just yet (give us a couple of weeks), I have hand selected a few of their line that intrigue me and make me want to create a cocktail for each one of them.

I highly doubt any 1930's cocktails called for a tiki bitter or Boston "bittah" and I doubt anyone would have considered a bitter on Mexican Mole sauce. But, in Today's age we strive to learn from our forefathers and become better people, create better experiences, live exciting lives and build better cocktails. What better way to start than to design cocktails with better bitters?


I have set aside one of each of our Bittermens bitters to create my own cocktails and do fully fleshed out reviews of the products to stay tuned for more on Bittermens from us here at AwesomeDrinks!