Coupe Glass or Martini Glass?

Posted February 06 2013

Colossal CoupeSo you're trying to decide between a classy looking coupe glass or a fancy martini glass? Which makes more sense for you? There are a few things you may want to consider:

First Impressions
You're having a party, perhaps for halloween, new years or even a summer barbecue and you want to really impress your friends. You've got the right food for the party (chicken and steak over hamburgers and hot dogs for instance) but you want a cocktail that will amaze. This is a great time to introduce the coupe glass. People come to expect a fancy cocktail in a martini glass, you're not really going to surprise anyone...but a coupe? What is this, a fancy 1930's party? No, it's better!
The coupe glass has almost become expected at weddings, either stacked in pyramids or served with their initial champagne kick off. If you're planning a party and a symbolic champagne is being served, the coupe is a welcomed edition in the glassware category. However, perhaps for any after parties, bringing out the martini glass (aka cocktail glass) would serve your party members well as they'll already be setup thinking coupes are in style, so shock them back to martini ville.
Setting the Mood
Mood is huge for cocktails. Are you going for the fancy cocktail celebration in a tavern style 1930's celebration with classic cocktail recipes and more spirit-heavy cocktails? The coupe glass really brings out the historic style and grace. If you're looking to jump the mood into a Caribbean like atmosphere, "like our vacation down in the Islands"? The martini glass may be what most people associate with sandy beaches and endless cocktails--the martini will set the mood because it's linking a past association.  Not too unlike introducing the Hurricane Glass to a party of blended cocktails which shoots people's memories to the French Quarter down on Bourbon Street drinking crazy blue cocktails.
Fish Bowl MartiniBe it first impressions, celebrations or setting the mood, there is a glass for every occasion. I prefer the coupe in almost all circumstances because that's the mood I want to set, the impression I want to give and it works for almost all occasions. However, the designs available for coupe glasses are very standard--straight neck and curved contours. A martini glass can have fancier stems, like our Rebel Martini, or cool designs like our Diamond Martini and practicality like the Fish Bowl Martini but also comes more standard like the Classic Martini
Which ever you choose is a reflection on your own mood and style. So, get ready to bring everyone into your mood!