GlassDharma Straws Have Arrived!

Posted February 20 2013

GlassDharma Decorative DotSo, what the heck is a GlassDharma straw and why do you care? In my mind there are two initiatives and a bit of cross-over between the two specific reasons to own a glass straw.

  • Glass Straws are cool!
  • Glass Straws help your environment

Glass Straws Are Cool

This one is a bit self-explanatory I believe, but let us just say that nothing makes a better impression than handing someone a collins glass with a Beautiful Bend glass straw in it. It completes the piece, it's like wearing a black belt with your button down shirt and pants; you don't typically need it to hold up your pants but it completes the set. A glass straw does nearly the same damn thing--it completes the set and makes for a better appearance.

Functionally, a glass straw does hold the same purpose as the old throw away straws (except you can't chew on them). However, it does give you a little additional personalization to the drink and everyone can have his or her own straw. Or, whip out your straw at a party and use it just to blow people's minds--not a lot of people have seen a glass straw after all.


Good For The Environment

Turn on the news and you'll probably hear something about the environment and our ability (or lack of) to save it for our children and their children. As a father of two children (one who's going through chemotherapy right now) I can respect and understand the desire to preserve our planet for their children. While I do believe the next fifty to sixty years will be a survivable world, most people need to consider looking beyond that when considering the long term effects of what we do to our planet everyday.

At home, we recycle our bottles, plastics and everything we can. For our store, Awesomedrinks reuses boxes for shipments at any possible time (some may have seen amazon boxes arrive with our products in them for instance) and this lesson extends past everyday milk jugs and water bottles. The concept of a glass straw means that you can drink your cocktails, sip your sodas and teas without having to toss out a plastic straw every time you are finished. At home, I don't use plastic straws because it's more eco friendly to just sip from the lip of the glass. With GlassDharma straws, however, that practice can change--and my kids use all my glass straws leaving me with none!


How Well Do They Work?

There is no real downfall to using a glass straw. As a matter of fact, if you manage to accidently break them or chip them than ship it back to us and we'll send you a replacement. Why? Because GlassDharma guarantees the glass won't break and if they do, they'll send us new ones to replace yours. How can they back up that claim? They use, exclusively, borosilicate glass--that's the stuff they use in lab equipment (one brand terms the glass as Pyrex™)! If it's good enough for the lab (durability and thermal shock resistant) than that's good enough for a glass straw.

Okay, so whats the dots for on some of the glassware?

The glass "dots" that are on the decorative dots models help you remember which drink is your drink--not too unlike wine glass charms (the dots do not wear away with time or washing either.) If you walk into the room at a party and ask "which long island ice tea is mine?" And five people look to you and then the five highball glasses on the table you can simply say something like, "mine is the amber dot." 


No matter what your initiative, style and grace with an elegant design or a strong focus on helping our earth (or a little bit of both), the GlassDharma accessories will make everyone happy.