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There are many options to straining a cocktail. Typically, if using a Boston Shaker you'll want a spring strainer and when stirring with a pint glass, a julep strainer. We like to give a few options, which are mainly about a style preference and design/durability. But, a cost effective option is always important as well.

2-Prong Strainer

$3.60 each.

fits 28 oz. shaker easily, light and economical cost

2-Prong Strainer
2-Prong Strainer

6" Professional Julep Strainer

$8.99 each.
Currently out of stock

single piece design, professional mixologist design

Cocktail Strainer

$3.99 each.

great for Boston shakers, tight fit springs, light and space efficient

Conical Strainer

$11.99 each.

great for double straining, catches small juice particles, stainless steel design

Conical Strainer
Conical Strainer

Julep Strainer

$3.99 each.

stainless steel, restaurant quality and durability, great mint julep accessory

OXO Cocktail Strainer

$9.99 each.
Only 2 left in stock!

brushed stainless steel, raised lip to prevent spilling, dishwasher safe