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About Us, Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Hudson, NH

Derrick Schommer, a shot from Common Man CocktailsAwesomeDrinks and Common Man Cocktails join forces to create a business that specializes in finding and selling best cocktail glassware and bar tools. Our love and enthusiasm for the craft from spirit, garnish and presentation is what drives us to continue to expand the store offerings to more great things!

Who are we?

AwesomeDrinks was born over 10-years ago, and Anthony knew the business had to grow to a new exciting level. Joining with Common Man Cocktails puts Derrick and Jennifer Schommer in charge of the business. Our goal is to grow AwesomeDrinks exponentially by expanding the supplied product lines with cool new glassware and barware that is both sexy, trendy and top notch quality.


Derrick and Jennifer began their cocktail career in the media business building youtube video's on how to make great cocktails and AwesomeDrinks has become a natural extension to their 19,000+ youtube subscribers who love cocktails.


Why sell what we sell?

Because we love the stuff we sell. The craft of cocktail making and bartending is a growing industry and we want to be the ones to help home bars, restaurants and cocktail establishments find the right accessories for the job. Why? Because it's exciting! Not only are we proud to sell the barware and glassware but we use them ourselves and trust the products we sell. If it's not a quality product, it won't be in the store because we wouldn't be proud to sell it.


Where are we located?

We are a southern NH based company serving the United Stated and are working into more international sales markets to help supply many of our cocktail video show viewers who watch the show around the world. That means, if you're able to ship products to your country, we'll more than likely ship it.

How can we help?

Our goal is to not just sell awesome glassware and barware accessories but to become a trusted advisor to those needing assistance with their establishments, especially the home bar enthusiast who wants to impress their friends with great cocktail creations. Our focus is to find the right products for the job and to allow people to spend more time on the craft of making cocktails without worry of their accessories.


But, there is a product I love and I can't find it on your site!

We're growing our product selection and we're trying to keep with all the trends of beautiful barware, glasses and other great products (bitters, garnishing cherries, etc.) but if we don't have it please contact us to let us know so we can seek out the items you really want.

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