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ingredients: cane sugar, filtered water, gum arabic, citric acid

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Gomme Syrup by Liber & Co.

$9.99 each.
  • 8.5 oz. & 17 oz. bottle sizes
  • Made with Gum Arabic
  • Called for in many classic cocktails

Liber & Co Gum Syrup can be utilized in any recipe calling for gomme syrup. This recipe includes a 2:1 simple syrup ratio with real gum arabic to create a silky smooth texture in your cocktails. Utilize it wherever a simple syrup is called for to add a bit more high scale luxurious textures.

Try Liber & Co Gum Syrup in your next Sazerac or Mint Julep instead of sugar to add a new mouth-feel experience or at least keep it handy for those classics calling for the gomme syrup instead of using regular simple syrup.


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