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ingredients: alcohol, distilled water, fresh organic orange peel, organic herbs and spices

Scrappy's Orange Bitters, 5 oz. Bottle

$19.99 each.
Scrappy's Orange
  • 5 oz. Capacity (147ml)
  • Hand crafted 
  • Essence of both fresh and bitter orange
  • 43% alcohol by volume

A craft bar staple for over 150 years. Scrappy’s orange bitters continues the tradition with this unique blend of bright, fresh and bitter oranges, herbs, and spices.

Scrappy's recommends trying:


2 ¾ oz old tom gin
¼ oz Cynar
¼ oz Maraschino
3 to 4 dashes of Scrappy’s orange bitters
Stir and serve up with an orange twist


½ oz montnegro
½ oz earl gray gin
¼ oz marshino
2 oz rye
½ oz dry vermouth
1 dash of Scrappy’s orange

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