Shot Glasses and Shot Glass Designs

Posted March 24 2013

Leaning Shot GlassShot glasses are always in style and can be found in a variety of basic shapes, sizes and capacity. While I'm not too fond of doing shots I do find shot glasses a great and stylish addiction--we have dozens of shot glass designs at our home from crazy tourist shot glasses (usually decorated or contain additional odd bears, lobsters and other excessively silly parts) to practical ones to use for...well, doing shots. Sometimes, in a pinch, you can use shot glasses to measure cocktail components (if you know the size of the shot glass itself.)

Shots of all shapes and sizes?

Yes, from the Leaning Shot glass to the Hour Glass shot glass all the way up to the more traditional Classic Shot glass there is something for everyone. I find myself collecting a few of each without having any real desire to do shots except on our cocktail show Common Man Cocktails of course! There is always room for another set of shot glass designs in the cabinet!

How much does a shot glass actually measure?

You'll find shot glasses measure anywhere from a half-ounce of fluid all the way up to over three ounces. That means you're not always going to find a "standard" 1-ounce shot to do 1-ounce measure for your cocktail creations. However, doing some research ahead of time on the size of your glass will give you an idea of the amount of fluid you'll be using in your measured glass.

For example, if you wanted to make a drink that called for "1 shot vodka, 1 shot peach schnapps, 4 shots cranberry juice" (aka "Woo Woo") you'll end up with a completely different sized drink using the Hour Glass shots vs. that of the Modern Shot glass because the Hour Glass shots are 1.5 oz. while the Modern are 2 oz. capacity. That means your drink will maintain the correct ratios but the volume will be much different depending on the glass design.

For this reason, in our product list I always call out the capacity of the shot glass as it can make a difference to many people. Some folks use them in replace of a jigger while others actually use them for consumption or cordials. A high proof cordial in our Limoncello Cordial Glass, for instance, will give you 1.75 oz. of spirit which is right in the middle of many shot glass sizes.

As a store owner, I find anything between 1.5 oz. and 2 oz. is an acceptable size and like to offer a variety of shot glass capacities to fit everyones needs. While we don't carry huge shot glasses today, that doesn't mean in the future we may find one that really makes us go, "wow, I need that!" And, if I need it, then I need to sell them too (because I can't be the only one thinking that!)