How To Use A Jigger

How to Measure with a Jigger | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

This video covers how to measure with a jigger. Measuring with a cocktail jigger is a great way to make an accurate and repeatable cocktail recipe. You can use kitchen measuring items, however most are measuring in larger volumes (like 1/2 cup to 2 cup volumes).

What is a Japanese Jigger?

A Japanese jigger is a taller measuring tool with a smaller mouth which produces more accurate pours when you’re “estimating” by eye if you’ve hit the line / top accurately. Being “off” by a bit isn’t great, but being off by a bit with a wide-mouth is actually off by much more!

Measuring is essential for accurate cocktail creation, using a Japanese jigger just makes it a bit easier for the average home cocktail creator. Any style will be better than trying to accurately measure with a shot glass.

Considering Your Lighting Environment

A multi-use jigger is definitely a powerful way for a home cocktail enthusiast to craft cocktails. However, when working at a bar, even a home bar, when the lights are dimmed and folks are chatting by ambient light (or camp fire light) it can be tough to measure accurate cocktails.

A standard device has two large measures (the top and the bottom), and having multiple jiggers of different sizes will make it faster to pour to the brim (instead of reading the lines inside). Of course, we have a solution for that! Different sized jiggers, small and large.

Now, go make yourself some cocktails, I suggest a margarita or maybe a daiquiri!

Enjoy The Experience

The cocktail experience is the most important, don’t sweat the small stuff. Get yourself a device that will measure accurately and start experimenting with fun cocktail designs. If you want to get fancy equipment, that’s fine, it can be fun, but it’s not a mandatory method to making drinks.

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