How To Use a Boston Shaker

How to Shake a Cocktail using a Boston Shaker | 3 Minute Cocktail Education

Today we’re going to show you how to Shake using a Boston Shaker. Sure, you can use a standard 3-piece cobbler shaker, but the Boston Shaker is fast, friendly, and easy to reuse over and over no matter how cold your tin becomes. But, the main driver as to why people don’t use a Boston Shaker is fear, uncertainty, and intimidation. Let’s remove that intimidation.

Using a Boston Shaker is simple work, and you can get the job done quick. You’ll find that, unlike a Stainless Steel 3 Piece Cocktail shaker, once you’ve made a couple of drinks you can continue opening, re-using and things go quickly.


Featured Recipe

The Daiquiri.

2 oz Rum

1 oz Simple syrup

1 oz Fresh lime juice

What shaker is best for typical shaking needs?

Personally, I love the Professional Boston Shaker Kit because it is nice in the hands, polished tins, and has a good curve to it. The tin-on-tin is also something I enjoy, but a pint glass (reinforced) works fine as well. If you are shaking right you shouldn’t break the glass; my personal love of the tin on tin is primarily for the quickness of the chill. Steel chills cocktails fast! However, you’ll pay a bit more for that 18 oz shaker tin to pair with the 28 oz top shaker tin.

Are there advantages to different Boston Shaker tins? Not really, it’s mostly a style issue. Some folks like painted tins, others like polished tins, but the functionality is all the same.

Tin or Glass?

Are there advantages to a secondary “cheater tin” over a pint glass? The tin won’t break…ever, so you have that going for you. However, if you’re breaking pint glasses making a cocktail you’re making it wrong–you are putting way too much force on the glass. We also suggest a tempered glass that won’t break as easy and is resistant to rapid heat/chill changes (when you’re washed it in hot water than filled it with ice). The 16 oz pint glass is cheaper than that of a 18 oz shaker tin so those that want the most affordable set will probably lean towards glass.

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